New gamemode

The new derby gamemode should be called
“Fire tag”
Basically its a gamemode including fire
Rules for the gamemode: Like freeze tag the drivers should avoid the taggers. When a tagger youches a driver’s car then ot will catch on fire the other drivers will need to touch the tagged car to stop the fire
If it does not make sense then all drivers will be given a water bucket item to stop a fire. To win as a tagger you must tag all cars like freeze tag. To win as driver you must survive until the gamemode ends like all tag gamemodes. Thats all


It could instead be like infection where one person starts on fire and they have to get everyone on fire but after like 30 seconds you car breaks down because of the fire so if everyone on fire goes out before getting everyone the people not on fire win

(I know this is very messy I was in a rush typing this)