New derby map (old cc2 map)

I want nostalgia, that is why.

When I say old cc2 map, I mean a smaller replica of the old cc2 map without the facility in the middle. This way I we can enjoy nostalgia while crashing into eachother.



why did you just reply to yourself


So no one could say who asked to “I want nostalgia, that is why”. Lol big brain

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That’s dumb cuz no one cares about saying who asked at this point

Yeah thats true



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is there a car crushers 2 arhive im looking for one if there one is send it

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There are no public copies of CC2 ikr.

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there is cc1 too

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Ive never played cc1, i started with cc2. I want the old cc2 map not cc1

Whatever i grew up i dont want it longer

I actually played cc1 before cc2 as i was a mobile person then
but then right after i played cc2

now there is cc2 2017