New derby class

So first do some name changes
Name Experienced Amateur and Pro Experienced
This derby class will be open to people with 3 (or 4, which would make it more of an exclusive club and more of a challenge)
It will be called Pro
This will make it so some new player whos just enjoying life in car crushers 2 and chilling playing some derby and daydreaming of the day he gets his dream car in the game or gets his first token or maxes out doesnt join a pro server and get absolutely annhilated by toxic kids with way too much free time on their hands in radioactive neon mountain annhilators and juggernauts and, disheartened, never joins pro server again
Soooooooooo yea

the toxic kids are not gonna like this



y e s
I still have PTSD of the rainbow blinding EB7s
doesnt matter now for me though, I am a simple man and stay in beginner, farming skills, and noobs, and actually being kind to those who have questions and teaching them the way of derby :)


other than the idiots at the top of the leaderboard being toxic bastards and mowing down everyone in sight


Yep, I very much despise people like them
I have had them come in when I am having fun and just ruin the fun with toxicity
toxicity can flip anything around. I mean sure I can be a shameless seal clubber sometimes, but at least im nice about it. If people say stop, I stop. I leave them alone, others are like “lmao boi1111 get fecking wasted hAhaHAHaHa11!1!11”


Facility lb: peace

Arena lb: ahahaha oobs


O o b s


we really need this tho