New car ideas and just new idea in general

hello I know the car idea is beaten to death but I have a few cars that I think fit into this game. 1: now this isn’t really one car but I couldn’t think of just 1 single car anyways what I would like is some classic muscle I feel like there isn’t really enough and I do really enjoy listening to some old classic muscle engine sounds 2: could be the new Toyota supra 2019 I dont think u buy licensing in ur game so I would hope u could add this car. before I say my 3rd car I do have a couple other ideas like cops it wouldn’t really fit but I think with the soft body car models it could be fun or adding police cars so u and some friends can do cop chases or even turning lights on and off or adding blinkers. also another idea that doesn’t relate to my 3rd car is bikes I like bikes and I think they would fit in anyways now onto my 3rd car 3: my last car is the ford Shelby gt500 2013 the reason of why I pick this car is cause I love muscle and for nfs movie purposes I think now with the drifting mechanic it would fit well. Actually there’s 2 other things I forgot to mention maybe adding traction control that can be turned on or off and finally improved car sound. Now that’s the end of my list im sorry this took so long


You can suggest cars in #suggestions:vehicle-suggestions