New add-on: Caravan

Introduce a new add-on, like that of the rocket booster and plow, which adds a caravan to the back of the vehicle.

Please allow us to customise this caravan similar to a car, including customisability of exterior/interior colour, tyres and rims, spoilers, windows and underglow. Allow us to inherit these from the car through a toggle for players who want the vehicle and caravan to match.

I would recommend keeping the caravan the same size for all vehicles, because imo it would be really funny to see a small caravan attached to something like the FT-6, or instantly blown apart by the Thrusterspeed.


like one of these?


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Sure, though I was thinking of something half that size, such as

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it has to fit in the crushers tho…

It would, considering they aren’t that big compared to full on semi-trailers too, referring to the smaller one though.
Bigger ones might actually be too big, but that’s why the crushers should be made bigger.

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