NEVER back anon97246843

This man is dogwater he got suspended but I dont want him back he is very disgusting and insane guy and is a pessimist ; he got banned L




Hell to the fucking no, calling what he did “inappropriate behavior” is being extremely generous

Can you give me clue of what he did
I assume children??

Go and read the last topic he made if you must


The only thing I found found were people going whoosh on his last topic (not completely but pretty sure I have his last topic) Who has the most money in CC2?
I didn’t found my answer though

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Not that one

Oh ok

Topic was deleted, someone else can explain

I was just about to reply that I got confused lol

he sucked off a 9 year old

Dang :flushed:


Okay well thank you for explaining what happen I understand why he was banned

well chapka anon was chomebookguy
read my featured topic about him

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