Need video ideas

So basically on my channel I do like police chases races etc and every time we hit a milestone in subs I introduce another of these series, like police chases but with buses, etc
I’m da ping my next new series at 30 subs (have 22) and I have no clue what to do
Pls help

hmm lets do assasin vid where theres gonna be 3 or 5 mecredes chasing u and when they caught u they take u to there boss that has 33 subs and then there boss kills u

like this vid

also you dont have to sell cars and have money in ur trunk like this vid did btw this is 30mins so you can skip a bit farward

raacing competition

8laps…no mercy

I’m subscribed to this guy’s channel and I love his content, he posts on a daily btw.

What’s the name of your channel?

btw u watched his live stream yesterday on the tiny car

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my channel is realtimexx93

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Yeah I did


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I also watch elite prime’s channel aswell.

dang me to that man is a mad man

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all those cops are idiots, they just killed themselves.

ya that french cop is a stupid idiot

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yeah, I just love redline videos, I even watch french cops channel, and the female cop’s channel too.

jj oh man really jezz somtimes i think shes just a poo and always over reacting when opie says stuff bout her

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Do derby stuff for your next video.

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hmm demolion derby is good too

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