My truck 0-60 (YT LINK)

I finally uploaded it instead of using the crummy drive link, so this should work for all who would like to see
again, it is like the 1500 I have suggested, just extended cab and not crew, so SLIGHTLY lighter.
this has the 4.8 liter vortec LR4 gen, bone stock in every aspect
this was slightly uphill and I hit a pothole around 70 ish (yikes) and hit some gravel at 55 but meh…can just do it again sometime
I will probably start making my YT channel more active and post offroading stuff :> (my off-roading adventures in my truck)
(1) 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 ext. cab z71 4.8l 0-60 - YouTube
I started going up a hill around 65 is why it slowed down so much ;~; only place I can rlly do it though