My suggestions for the game

Hello, I would like to suggest some stuff:

  • Ragdoll Keybind - There’s no exact way to have the player go into a ragdoll state on demand. It could be used for certain crushers (like falling down the stairs of Stairfall) and for more fun reasons.

  • Hide Interface - Hides the entire user interface (maybe not the Panwellz watermark at the top), it could be used for creating cinematic scenes without having the UI be in the way.

  • Further ranged weapons - The only way you can take out cars from far away (as of the time of writing this) is through vehicles that have a mounted turret on top of them. I would really like to see more types of weapons be implemented that let players combat cars from further ranges.
    (Oh, and the RPG doesn’t count(?), because after a certain time the rocket self detonates.)

Thanks for reading!


Cropping an image exists you know

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I know, but cropping it in a way that would hide the user interface would make the game’s FOV seem lower than it is and make the recording/screenshot look more pixelated