Music mysteriously disappearing

What is it?
Whenever you die (whether that be from dying in a crusher, falling out the world or just resetting), the music will be deactivated.

How often?
It happens every time, and because it isn’t really game-breaking, isn’t very serious. The way to fix it is by either going into settings and turning it off & on or rejoining.

Does it have anything to do with GUI?
It has nothing to do with GUI as it’s to do with music, but if you consider that you need to use gui to fix it, maybe it is?

How do you do it?
It’s extremely straight-forward, all you need to do is die. Couldn’t really get any footage because microsoft’s screen recorder was being a nub.


EDIT: Nothing appears in game logs.


Great format


This doesn’t happen for me, can you record a video?


@Panwellz (sorry for the tag)

I can’t record videos as my account is apparently too young. I didn’t realize you responded either, so it could’ve been patched? I’ll still see what I can do.

EDIT: Has been patched, not sure if it could’ve been roblox or CC2.

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I recorded a video, I think he was talking about the 3 second respawn having no music.

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