"Multiplier Day", "40 MP Day", and "30 MP Day (Premium Only Day)" when finished is not counted by the "Reach 50 Completed Daily Missions in total" milestone mission

Bug Description:
As shown in the following video, the milestone mission of 50 Daily Missions does not count the “multiplier mission” (The Day 3 Mission for non-streak players).

Similar issue here from a different user

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STREnergy has also expressed an issue regarding this in the general chat as well, which expresses the same issues stated above:

Although the “30MP Mission” (The Day 10 Mission for non-streak players) is not yet confirmed by me personally by experience, I may as well say that it is not counted by the said milestone mission using my experience and other people’s experience with daily missions that does not reward 15 MP as a reference.

Bug Frequency:


Reproduction Steps:

  1. Perform a streak of missions until you reach any of the daily missions that does not reward the player 15 MP
  2. Take note of the progress in milestone mission “50 Daily Missions” before performing the daily mission
  3. Finish the daily mission
  4. Compare the note in Step 2 and the progress shown to you in the said milestone mission

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