MP Vehicle Key Gachapon

Rbx: Awesomefox22012 (@Awesomefox22012)
Suggestion: basically, the gachapon can allow for players to spend MP points to roll for a vehicle. Vehicles eligible must be 6mo+ out of mission reward rotation, and must fit into four tiers: low end (cheap, bad cars), economy (less cheap, decent cars) high end (pricey, good cars), and exotic (expensive, insanely good cars). Each tier requires more MPs to purchase, but all cars in the machine have an equal chance of being picked (if they’re in that tier). Duplicates (a.k.a. you have it, but it’s picked) refunds 2/3 of the MPs spent, and 1/3 of the vehicle’s scrap is awarded (given that you have the space). The gachapon would be found in the “lobby” close to the top crushers leaderboard. Costs are up to the dev team for balance, but otherwise… here it is.



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I mean
the idea isn’t bad
but i seriously don’t like luck based stuff


Yes good idea let’s do like driving empire and make car brand ceo pissed lol :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

except at least this one doesn’t use robux

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I could really use that for the ecto 1 ambulance type thing

ah yes lets make a random kid ruin this game so ABSOLUTELY NOT

actually uhhhhh

actually uhhhhh