Mountain Annihilator not damaging

Can the bug be found among the known bugs in the trello Trello? If so, upvote it there instead!

What is the bug?
Answer: The Mountain Annihilator doesn’t do any damage in the Free For All Game Mode.

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)
Answer: First time this has happened.

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. There were no steps. It just randomly happened. I wasn’t able to do any damage with the vehicle during the whole round.

Is the bug related to GUI or something that only happens for you? (GUI = the dealership, derby win screen or any other interface)
Yes/No: Derby Free For All.

If yes, screenshot all unique red and yellow text in the developer console and post it here. (Open console by opening roblox settings, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the open developer console button.)

Roblox username: Emperor_JakeRBLX


Not very specific, I’m very confused


@Da_Piggy_Gamerz It’s fine if you comment but leave the moderating to the moderation team! Also he is actually right, not specific. Can you edit any screenshot in?

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I am just saying that mini-modding can get annoying to some Moderators.

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I would attack a car, but it would not do anything to the enemy. It would not damage or attack it. This is in free for all


well i have a vid of how this works

robloxapp-20210222-1549194.wmv (247.5 КБ) robloxapp-20210222-1549240.wmv (5.6 МБ)

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