Mosnter Truck Customization

First off, amazing job on the new customize update! I love all the different things you can do with the cars now! My favorite is probably that you can change the rim colors hehe

So my idea, basically the monster truck didn’t get many customizable options, so why turn it from a specific monster truck to a personal one? Like have a couple body options to choose from, like the original truck version and the van version, and maybe even a car version. They can have some designs like the Energy Monster Truck has, and a couple other options, like a lightning streak or some other designs. A cool one would be where for like 15-20 robux, there could be a spot where you can put a code to add a picture of whatever on the side of the truck, like this-

Could be good for adding like a name to the truck if you upload your own file.
(An example of what i’m talking about, in Murder Mystery 2, there is a spray can that allows you to put a code in and spray paint a picture)