More realistic Car Crushes

It would be very nice if this game had a realistic crash system (not the actual crashing) like for example when the car crashes it should catch on fire or the engine turning off, etc. It would be so much better in my opinion and i have always thought this game with fire mechanics when the car crashes and catches on fire and more (like tires popping when going a very fast speed) (also another cool suggestion is to add actual speed limit on tires and when it goes above that they pop) I really hope this gets looked into because with the many hours i have on this game it doesnt really feel realistic but more simulator-type game rather than car crushing, or driving. If this doesnt get implemented it will be understandable due to it being really hard to code, etc, it would still be really cool if we had some new features to cars rather than crushers and new cars since we have plenty of them and not as much features/realism for cars themselves.

Thanks for reading,
An experienced CC2 Player