More POVs

So there’s normal, which is what we have now, theres’s follow, which follows your car but doesnt exactly move the camera THAT much when you turn, it just kinda weaky follows your car so if you take a 90 degree turn to the right it takes a half or 3/4 second for the camera to catch up
Its basically if you drive around in Car crushers 2 and you don’t touch your mouse, the camera follows your car but when you turn you can still see the side of the car when you turn
Then there’s strong follow, which is like what vehicle sim has, so if you take a 90 degree turn to the right it will directly follow your car
Next there’s first person, which is basically just the view of the car from the interior except you cant move the camera to the left or right, it will stay fixed straight ahead. Also your hands will turn the steering wheel like in Jailbreak, even though the steering wheel doesn’t move
Next there’s hood view, which looks like this

Then there’s this view
where the camera is like on the edge of the hood or something
Also if you hold T your camera will look behind you so you can see anything behind you, kinda like rear view mirror except your car is shown
hard to explain for that last one i couldnt find pictures