More "Civillian" cars

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The suggestion: add more “civillian” cars like pickup trucks and SUV’s, i dont care what brand or model. just more trucks and SUV’s in general


w a t


problem is its not worth the work to add more
basically when pan pushes an update he wants ppl to come visit the game
so he adds cool cars and puts them on the thumbnail so ppl see and think oh these cars are cool lets visit the game and check out the update

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yes it boring if 1update only have 3super car:1civillian car with rear wheel or all wheel drive

yes just Cheap but have fun im boring mid engine
RWD (not Nsx and MR2)can only 2 Seat
can add more Basic FF,FR or AWD dangrous sleeper sedan like evo gc8 R32 that is Cheap but look same Cool like Supercars.