Mobile player controls can still be accessed from the dealership

When the dealership is opened, the mobile controls for player movement can still be accessed, only in mobile.

This bug always happens when the dealership is opened, when it is the jump button is still visible and if it’s opened immediately after joining a server, in the first few seconds, the area where the player toggles walking movement can still be used. However, I don’t know if this actually effects player movement outside of the dealership.

For the jump button to show up, the dealership just needs to be opened on mobile. For best results and for the player movement toggle to show up, open the dealership immediately after joining a server on mobile, and move the toggle area, and it should show up for a few seconds.

While I’ve only heard of this bug happening to me, it is directly related to the dealership.

If any more information is needed about this bug, please DM me and I will respond as soon as I can.



Actually the mobile controls in the dealership do move the player if used, the mobile walking toggle can always be accessed while there, and pressing keys to move on pc also still moves the player while in the dealership.


Aware of this, it’s a roblox bug so I’m waiting a bit to see if they fix it soon


I see. Thanks for letting me know