Mobile Dealership Crash

When the dealership is opened in mobile and at the Exo Speeder, moved to the Mountain Annihilator (MA) with the arrows next to the spawn button, then moved to the first car, the MA disappears and the arrows next to the spawn button stop working. However, a possible contributor to this is the fact that I don’t have the MA yet, but have all of the other cars.

This bug always happens when executed in the way described above.

Again, use the above method to cause the crash.

While I haven’t heard anyone else complain about this bug, it is directly related to the dealership. image

I’m happy to provide more information about this bug, but my most reliable method of communication would be Discord. If anything else is needed, please DM me. Username is the same as the Roblox one.



hello i don’t play roblox anymore…not in years i’m not gonna play roblox but this glitch has happen to me…until i got ban


Actually the name for this bug is inaccurate, the crash can occur on pc too if executed the same way. Also closing and reopening the dealership doesn’t solve the problem, if it’s reopened you just get a black screen and can’t do anything.


Another update on this bug: my little brother just tried it on his roblox account and it worked for him, so this bug isn’t just for me. I also unlocked the MA and it still happens


Well it appears with the release of the SSC thrust, this bug was fixed