Mercedes transporter loses handling when equiped with spoiler

Can the bug be found among the known bugs in the trello Trello? If so, upvote it there instead!
No, I doin’t see it there.

What is the bug?
Answer: Using a spoiler on the new Mercedes transporter makes your car less agile.

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime, sometimes or rarely)
Answer: Everytime, due to it being a garage bug.

What device did you play on? (Computer, Phone, Tablet or Xbox)
Answer: Computer.

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:

  1. Pick the Mercedes transporter. You need VIP to do so, but there’s a special garage bug…
    2.Go to the “spoilers” section. Pick any spoiler and you’ll see that the spoilers do decrease handling.

3: Take the truck for a drive both with and without a spoiler. Use the best one for better results.
4. Results: Without a spoiler, the car managed to drive circles around spawn with no problem. With one equipped with a spoiler though, it will turn slower and hit a wall while doing it.

Is the bug related to GUI/Interface on the screen? Or did the bug only appear for you? Check yes if the bug didn’t happen for everyone in the server at the same time.
Yes/No: No. Just check the scripts for this vehicle.

If yes, screenshot all red and yellow text in the developer console and post it here. (Open console by pressing F9 on computer, or by saying /Console in the chat)
The problem on cc2_bugs:

Roblox username: poorbutwaytooproud


Cars like the Nissan 370z and buffalo mine clearance vehicle have had this bug to hope they fix it. The renn transporter is one of my favorite new vehicles in the game.

Did they fix this already?

That’s odd.

Not yet.

Yeah strange indeed, they fixed a few issues but not all of them.

come on devs fix this. I will keep reviving this until they fix it.

just do it

can you be patient and stop asking for a bug to be fixed every 2 seconds

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