Maus Model and Functionality

The Maus has 220 mm (8.7 in) on the turret front, 200 mm (7.9 in) on the turret side and rear, 200 mm (7.9 in) on the hull front, 180 mm (7.1 in) on the hull side, and 150 mm (5.9 in) on the hull rear. This mean that crashes wouldn’t damage or bend the steel, and the model needs thicker side skirts. The plates are interlocked for strength and have visible weld joints. The MB 517 V12 diesel engine could only move the 188 ton tank at 20 KPH forward and reverse at 1,200 HP. The Maus came equipped with two guns: A 128mm KwK44 cannon, and a 75mm KwK44 cannon, so the Maus should be able to fire both of its guns.

For further help, here is a free downloadable model I found on SketchFab: Maus tank - Download Free 3D model by BK_114 (@airuchai) [36c9399] - Sketchfab


so basically you want the maus to be realistic so that it becomes overpowered as fuck

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No. So it can look and function better. It can still be take out by other high end vehicles.


it looks fine
it doesn’t have to be accurate it just has to look close enough

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my ocd says oterwise (i dont have ocd but i think you know whag i men)

The maus is pretty shit in pvp

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yeah all tier 3’s are uselesss in pvp

tbh all vehicles f***ing suck in pvp
(sorry for using a swear)

pvp is just not fun at all it needs to be changed imo

True, the only thing tier 3 is used for is just being a big fucking wall

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You can swear

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Slow reload, no 360 degree turning (wtf why), Same armour as a UE57, easy to kill, slow, big, unstable (kinda from my experiences of being knocked 100 studs from a tier 1 car) its just trash

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ik but i don’t want to

The front is the very weak point

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But I think (could be wrong), that the shell and the destruction is high, I have obliterated a tank with it

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U were using he shells and all tanks can use it

He shells?

Ik what those are but I never knew it was implanted in cc2

Yeah, all tanks have standard AP shells (presumably) and also in derby, but after you used the AP shell given to you when spawning in derby you can use HE shells (powerups)

Basically he shells are powerups like the rocket booster or shredder or the now useless pulse thing