Less laggy in CC2

hello? is there any low end pc players? if no then i am a low end pc player
i am doing this cuz i need to play CC2 on second graphics to not lag and i need to put them on 8th graphics at the core to see the helicopter and core explosion with flying parts, but now i play with 7th graphics and i am lagging but a bit, and on 8th i am lagging much, so what about adding a function in the settings that makes the game less laggy like, remove sun and remove shadows to make the game less laggy for low end pc players. pls react on this if you are one of the car crushers 2 developers, cuz i am REALLY tired cuz of playing with lags, i want to play this game normaly, not with lags.


Uh I play on mobile and it runs fine even with max graphics

Also buy private servers if you want less laggy gameplay

i already have a private server but it doesn’t help

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If your graphics are all the way up that could also be a reason for lag.

I lag sometimes

i play with graphics on 7 when i do nothing and 9 at core take off to see explosion