Landscape suggestions

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This has been made due to the dullness of the landscape when going offroad. Just doesn’t have the charm of other games. I feel like there should be more life in the island.

The outside parts of the stunt park should have some signs of human life. I feel like the ramps should be held up with support beams, a garden on each of the exits, sand and tarp just after larger ramps, and graffiti on the walls. These should be references to forum users or developers of the game.

Mountain 1 has a race track starter and the nature pit… and that is it.
I feel like it should have rocks that poke out, ferns that scatter the summit, gravel on the ends of the mountain from rocks starting to fall, rocks at the bottom of the cliffs that are the rocks, a cave to take your cars through that shoots out into the beach of the mountain, and a sign at the very top that says “It is all down from here!”

Put up some cabanas, beach chairs, seashells, and surfboards in the summer.
Put up fishing poles, buckets of chum, shovels, and rowboats in the autumn.
Put up ice fishing drills, ice skates, fireplaces, and vats of hot cocoa in the winter.
Put up inner tubes, towels, stands, and some debris in spring.

Just some lilypads and a dock will be good.


Trees, grass, and some potholes and rocks.


Pipes. Thats it.

Fire alarms, pipes, and graffiti.

There is this type of bridge with steel grates in it. It was made so water would pass through. Considering the ocean bridge’s location, we should have this bridge there. Reminder: I only know of one bridge of this type and it is in a small town.