@jam protection

you have been protected by the mighty elevator

no one can eat him now >:)

(this is now a debate)

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i will cut your pulley line and make sure you crash to the bottom

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how do you rip it tho if the elevator is a mrl not a hydraulic

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then I’m fucked

i am a mri

and @jam is now protected

EXCEPT IF YOU ACTUALLY PRESS the (force down button)

I will press that and throw a grenade in for good measure

i am about 4.9/5 safety so

let’s see them doors survive a blast from a mk2 pineapple grenade

i upgraded myself

(and thats why i got suspended for 2 days for more safety :troll: )

time to bring the entire panzer division to fully destroy you

if you mess the pulleys it will become slower


more time for other tanks to show up

just get a flamethrower and that will work

since i am not fireproof


i do have pulleys, except its more strong and has blocks

im doomed

not when I flame it