I've decided to change my name

Now yes, you might be wondering, why did you get rid of the DarkDude name?

To put it simply, I didn’t really like that name anymore. It felt outdated as it was based around my old Roblox username, which has been changed. I felt that I wanted to update every account I had on every platform I used to my new name, including here.

And unfortunately, yes, the iconic angry face PFP is now gone. It just felt kind of dumb to me, as I always hated that PFP due to how low quality it was, even with my remaster I did.

I hope you all can get used to this name change, as it’s a big change for not just me, but for all of you.

Thanks - Cosmo


rip the angry face
also i guess i have to call you cosmo now

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i ain readin allat
but this explains why I was searching for a message from you on discord and darkdude was gone

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rip darkdude and welcome cosmoxide

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