It's Been Almost Four Years

It’s been almost four years since I played on Car Crushers. I still have my vehicle in it, even.

The tunes milasawi and I did way back in 2017 have long since gone and have been updated, which is pretty understandable, since the physics engine has been updated many times.

What I find most interesting though is how many cars have been added since I last played. And brand new game modes. It’s interesting.


Welcome back man!
Huge fan of your truck, my favorite thing in game for facility.
I hope your time away has been of good experience, and if not, for things to get better :>


I really love its build, its boxy, simple (but looks awesome imo) and can take a hell of a beating in derby, but…the engine not so much.
Not sure who here makes engines but would be awesome if it could have a larger and/or MUCH more durable engine under the hood, and perhaps a speed buff. That’s all it really needs to be insanely good in derby. All of this with the appropriate approvals of course, but my idea for it :)


Originally, the truck had a relatively decent twin turbocharged V8 diesel engine in it.
The engine itself wasn’t modeled, however, and Panwellz wanted a more realistic approach to tuning the truck itself, which is understandable.
It used to have a top speed of around 190 MPH with a 7 speed manual transmission.


car go br


Oh that’s sweet :0 dang thats FAST for something that size
Yeah the other part is understandable im guessing you cannot effectively create a damage modeling for an engine that isn’t a model itself.
But my god 7 speed manual, turbo diesel makes me grin
I still hope it gets its engine increased in durability somehow even if it just comes to buffing the parts instead of giving it an engine
but yeah its just…the engine it has in CC2 is WAY too small and fragile for a truck that size a v8 diesel would be around…6 to 9 liters of an engine based on realistic sizes?? Bigger in tractor trailers, but anyhoo
That’s really cool to know some neat facts I didn’t know :)
I still have great fun driving it around in CC2
But yeah just my main beefs with it regarding derby. I am a derby nut. It still does pretty darn good if you use it correctly and avoid the faster head-ons, all it really needs is a sturdier engine and maybe a slight speed buff but yeah if it interferes with the things that pan has to deal with then it doesn’t really matter


I will always like driving it regardless its a nice rig :)
I like to haul several of my friends in peels with them in its bed haha
Get underneath a ridge and let them drop down in it and haul em around good times
Here it is with the new Christmas rims I got from the present opening today :)

sorry I am restricted to windows screenshot so the res isnt amazing
wish I could do it with my GPU somehow


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