Is Car Dealership Tycoon Copying Cc2?

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idk which game is it, can you show me why you think that?


Why? Are they copying?


not 100% sure but theres evidence


For example?


about like majority or half of the updates that were bought to car dealership tycoon added stuff and cars that were in cc


like them adding a dirt track and a ferrari 250 gto a bit after cc adding racing for the dirt track and a ferrari 250 gto


also most of the cars are from cc or are 1 year off from the car in cc (yes I know cc has 250 cars but theres like 350 other well known cars to add) their newest update contains 2 Lamborghini’s from cc2, the Terzo Millenio, Gallardo Superleggera and a mclaren that might be in cc2.

As you know cc recently adding the ssc tuatara, not so later after that car dealership tycoon also adds the ssc tuatara. In one of their recent updates the classics update, it adds a Chevrolet impala that looks like the same impala as cc2 and same color, a 1969 chevy Camaro a bit after cc adding a 1970 camaro, a Lamborghini Contach also same color as the one in cc2 and a 1967 Ford Mustang gt which isn’t anything to do with this.

Plus It Seems kinda odd that for driving simulator doing a halloween update releasing a hot rod for a quest, then car dealership tycoon doing something to collect candy in order to get a hot rod. Doing something to get a hot rod.

Also the maps for cc and car dealer tycoon have some similarities, having a mountain with at least a bit of barrier to avoid falling off, a mountain (same one though) by a body of water, highway system, dirt track, drag racing track (though a drag racing track is common soo), also the dirt track for both games is near a body of water. Also the mountain has a wooden ramp (like in cc2) it got removed but may have been added back to cdt

Also it seems like their trying to be better than cc2 like adding stuff that’s highly requested for cc, Example: able to paint brake calipers

Also it feels like their trying to stay alive a bit too hard like releasing updates about once every one or maybe less than a month, MAYBE copying other games, adding limited cars (overpriced in ingame momey) in like every update (to keep players grinding staying in game or buying a single car for about 700 robux).

not to mention if you do the dirt track in reverse in cdt you will get a very similar turn layout of the dirt track in cc2 forwards. Left (correct) Right (correct) Left (correct) Obstacle (correct cc2 has a hill cdt has a mud pond) Left (correct) Left (wrong) Right (correct) Left (correct) and the rest at the end is missing.

but woah epic plot twist (not so epic): there are some things that were in cdt before that are in cc2 now. cough cough the speedometers seem a bit similar


Maybe panwellz and the creator of car dealership and collabing?

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They just updated their game with a ford truck the same color as the one in vehicle legends thumbnail that just got changed bc they also updated. And switched the color the of Terzo Millinio from green to dark gray, like in cc2.

Btw, both the trucks have a:

Bull Bar
Color Blue
White Stripes
Black Rims
Roof Lights
Same Angle In The Thumbnail
Based On A Ford Truck

They Also Did The Update A Day After Vehicle Legends Changed Their Thumbnail For Another Update.


also theres a cabin in their thumbnail like the little cabins in cc, and they added the gmc truck and lykan hyper sport which are in cc. Their newest update brings a mclaren p1 gtr in yellow with green stripes like in cc.

They just released a new christmas update even though they already did like what cc did with presents after the map, and now they add presents to find on the map. And that’s the event in car dealership tycoon and the week 4 car is a Pagani Huayra which is in cc2. Also part of the description of the game says “Hunt and deliver dropped gifts around the map!”

not bolded though that was to point the key word.


if all this won’t change your mind that their copying then I don’t know what will.


they just released the rims update and about half or most of the rims look like the ones from cc2 and now they released a spoilers update

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now a while after the ariel nomad and aston martin db5 being added in cc2, i go to cdt, and what do I see? the ariel nomad and aston martin db2, and a while after the crown victoria police car being added in cc2, its in cdt, and the subaru impreza in cdt is the same gen if not same year as the one in cc2, and they also added the dodge charger police car that is in cc2

ya mean db5?

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I don’t even see them even copying that much, you drive cars and put cars on a podium if you don’t want to drive them and both ways earn money, they don’t even crush cars at all, it’s just a car dealership, don’t know why everybody is overreacting and saying yes

they dont copy the type of game, they copy the updates and cars that cc2 has, and from other games too

no but it sucks

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