Invisible walls when an off road race is started

I hate cutting corners

This will prevent the player from cutting corners, doing shortcuts, and going off track (not really)


Yeah but at least well… It depends on the vehicle there should be a little lane on one side of the bridge the first one near the row two entrance… Around that for those that cant go up steep slopes. Or can carry the speed a little bit better so they can make it up the final slope without too many problems.
Basically you go to that corner and then you take it wide and you go around the bridge just like that kind of like how people were cheating it before but it’s like underneath the road instead of over it and it’s a slope that isn’t very steep it’s more like a storm drain or whatever or a ditch that goes under it like a one lanr tunnel and small underpowered cars can use it and go super fast through there (and yes it can be small enough that they get stuck but yeah it would be kind of funny) under it at row 2 so the cars can have a second rout to take in the event of not being able to do very well. Some terrain doesn’t have to accommodate every vehicle such as off-roading but that dirt track should have a concrete tunnel drilled into just under row two so it can reconnect with the track at a very gentle slope so cars can make it through thst cannot go through the normal route!