Invisible Powerup Glitch

There is a bug in which powerups (or part of the powerup) appear invisible when water is visibly behind them.

This bug happens every game in Derby with visible water. All you need to do to replicate this bug is go to a derby map with water (for example the aircraft carrier) and look at a powerup from an angle where you can see the water behind it. The powerup will then become invisible, or become barely visible. This works with any powerup.

The bug is not related to the GUI and I have tested it on other computers and accounts.

My roblox username is 6NotAHacker9

Note: While this bug is not usually game-breaking, it is pretty annoying and can give people advantages based on their viewpoint.


This is an issue with the roblox engine, the water is getting replaced to terrain water soon

I’ll still keep this bug up so no one else posts it i guess