If CC2 had a Pepega Mod

Welcome to the CC2 Pepega Mod made by the Pepega Mod Team!
3 starter cars: Fiat 126p, Mazda MPV and Golf GTI!
Over 100 Pepega-related memes!
300 cars!
New minimap with 50 new races: Island Run, Pepega Oval and many more!
Police cars are green and white instead of black and white!
Random annoying green Crown Victorias will chase you randomly in race, and they might send out some STACCed bois or ZUPA Tanks driving the opposite way at 150mph ramming into you!
50 crushers with all-unique names! Here’s some examples: The Pepega Cop (just a random cop ramming you), Run’s Dead (you see the scene where Kuru gets busted and he smashes his controller on your car) and The Meme Fall (this is what you think it is).
7 Blacklist members with unique races!
7 gamemodes: LULCircuits, Pepegasprints, Dwag Waces, Battle Royale, Fucking Rubberband, Pepegachase and Tollbooth!
Even more customisation!
Press the question mark on the right for the full list.
(I’m not gonna bother showing the full list. It’s too long.)

What the tutorial looks like
So here’s the tutorial. You’re in an M3 GTR Java Edition right now. We spawned you on Row 1. See that crusher named The Pepega Cop? Go into that. It’s fun because a random Condition 1 cop will ram you and ram you until your car totals. If you want you can try totalling the Condition 1 cop, but if you do keep in mind that another one spawns. Another cop will spawn every 10 seconds so don’t complain. You will get cash for using this.

      If you want, press this giant skip button to skip this part.          --->

Alright. You learnt the basic crushing skills of the CC2 Pepega Mod. Let’s move on to races. See that flashing yellow beam? That’s where your next race is planned. It’s called the Prologue Sprint. You can complete every race in this game if you wish, and we do give you money for beating them. A lot in fact. This race is a headstart. If you want, you can skip the race but I recommend you don’t since this awards you a 1.1x everything multiplier, a custom Pepega livery for every car and 10k money. Are you in?


      Again, press this giant button to skip this part.         ----->

You’ve mastered the CC2 Pepega Mod! Do what you want now. You can keep your 1.1x multiplier permanently if you finished the tutorial race. This does stack. And your livery. You can apply it by clicking Dealership, Customise, Liveries and selecting the second option. Here’s your 10 grand from that race I mentioned if you did it.
I spent almost half an hour on this so give me some support

  1. What the hell is pepega
  2. What’s the point of all this
  3. You wasted your time
  4. I have no idea what you’re talking about
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Unless you’re talking about that pepe emote

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this is like a crossover between cc2 and the nfsmw pepega mod if you don’t know what im talking about

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