I know this is not usually talked about

But i have anger issues. Some stem from family BULLSHIT and others come from idiots in discord or games You want to goof around and treat me like I’m just going to play along with their jokes when I’m not in the mood. I would rather bring a fist back and punch them through the fucking fourth wall. I don’t take jokes and I never will. I’m a very serious guy and when I want to be serious… You’ll know. As for everything else.I don’t like hurting others and I don’t like feeling that kind of pain they feel whenever I do something stupid. I just don’t want to hurt anybody but I will if I have to.If I do it by mistake I’ll feel very bad but if I have to do it on purpose then just know you’d have to force me to do it in order to get hurt. As for standards and stuff for example when I went upstairs to go take my meds…Dad started yelling at me and saying that meds are for wimps and I just freaking about strangled him…I don’t know if I slammed the door or not because all I could freaking hear is that pounding of my heart but my medication is for my heart valve… Without that my lifespan would be about half of what it probably already is.If I live past 50 it’ll be a miracle but to all of you with anger issues I can freaking relate with you. Some people are fucking stupid. But please do your best to deal with your anger in the best way possible instead of fighting back or like causing more problems.as a kid I always would fall for this kind of crap and I would end up playing into their game and get in trouble while they get away innocently…it sucks.

Please stay safe out there. Thank you for reading what i have to get off my chest. I hope every one of you have a good day. Drive safe because it’s icy out. And good luck out there.

sometimes whenever i see someone being bullied i just want to punch them SO hard
or humiliate them bady
i can relate but i dont have anger issues
also in az the roads arent icy :P


bruh just when everyone pisses me off and this is in highschool so if any tough jocks throw me around and make me do there homework this is what i do i throw very big rocks at there cars i throwed a rock at a jocks ferrari man hes pissed


Up here in Washington there was so much snow but it was only like an inch or two but guess what…that entire freaking inch all the way down to the windshield turn to solid ice that was so opaque It looked like a BLOCK OR CONCRETE BLOCK

I think I actually chipped apart the icebreaker or whatever was supposed to help clean the windshield… I think I chipped the plastic instead of the windshield ice

The school I went to was actually really nice but the district seemed to be a little bit fast-paced for people like me with slow minds

ya that story i told you was just a year ago rn im in a very niice school since i have a scolar ship to it cause im smart

I wish I was the smart and ca-who am I kidding I’m very smart but I just have no way of using that smart. :expressionless:express or show how exactly capable I am…If this was 2027 or something I would actually have the tools I need because by then I think the school districts and stuff would actually have it up on the level that I needed at…disabled kids are usually pushed through the grades but I think they suffer from great depression because they’re kind of just thrown through it and if they do have empathy for others that are really doing good in school they feel really self-inflicted like I have… It really is not fun… especially when the district says to your parents they did everything and your just not listening? Like…i hold my hand up waiting for a teach to come to me for ENTIRE OF A CLASS AND NOTHING HAPPENS… EVERYONE IS LITERALLY AT THE END OF THE DAY ABLE TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE TAUGHT WHILE I GOT STUCK ON STEP ONE…NO HELP. NO GOOD GRADE

poor thing ill help you with your subjects

I dropped out by the way and I went to Job corps and let’s just say if you go to Mount Hood in Oregon.

horrible environment up on that mountain.I got called a snitch and bullied and harassed by several people there and I cannot legally say names because of privacy rights but you can sure as hell bet that some of the people up there were shitheads to me no doubt. imagine having a stupid charging block be the drive for someone to threaten your life over… I had that charging block from my fatherwas there before he was in that facility… Boy oh boy am I mad…let me and that guy’s poor ass never EVER cross paths ever …at least within the next 200 years

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Long story short I went to a new place in a different state and then had to come back because of just the level of stress and stuff that was going on.I’m glad I came back and I’m glad to live where I do now even though I’m a broke dumbass that hasn’t even paid rent. I’m happy to be here with my family even if they’re horrible to me. That’s how bad it was down in Oregon So…I recommend working in Amazon or Walmart before you ever consider Job corps…trust me

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also to avoid any of the problems I’m having just do your freaking homework and make sure you do turn it in because I did the homework when I was at home but I would always forget to put it back in my backpack and turn it in so I would have now and then a bunch of a grades but the rest would be invalidated because of how long it took for me to turn it in Even though I did them

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wow thats sad lad

Not as sad as not doing your homework… Or at least doing it but forgetting to turn it in lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a GED once I get a job…but imagine the struggle I’m in right now I’m literally struggling to get the experience and money that I need to even get a job let alone get a GED and it’s funny because you need experience to have a job but you also need a job to get experience 🥲

hmm right

i have anger issues… …it mostly came from my father… …we argue a lot and i mean a loooooooot so i can feel your pain and also i did hurt someone once… …and others because they kept on telling me to do so i got a glass cup and thru it at them and they start getting mad at me and yelling at me so it made things worse thou i stoped doing that because i feel like they gonna report me to the police

For a person like me to have a condition with their heart… And to be treated like absolute shit…If I was ever forced to punch someone in the face they would have really had to force me to do that.

i get you both

i have thru glass cups at people… …they deserved it

I threw a brick wall at somebody…as a 5 year old 🥲