I have some good car ideas


hi im spidermanoo9 i love ur car crushers 2 game its sooo much fun i joined the group and loved the there are perks to joining the group i was wondering if in the next up date if we could have a group item in the game like maybe stick bombs to pot on ur car to blow it up or a car that can become a sub like in james bond that the only way to get it is to go to a secret base under water attached to the airport so if u like my ideas show this to the creator because i think its a grate idea
my roblox account is spidermanoo9
this is what the car will look like

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Make Sure To Do Some Research On Here To See If The Next Car You See Is Suggested here or not

Also Welcome Hope You Can Enjoy it here and give us some good ideas for anything or report bugs


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That isn’t the same thing.

i noticed

the pictures on that are so cursed

the sub-car is just a lotus esprit but underwater james bond thing