I don't know why..... But listen

You know how sometimes the person clips a corner and their truck tilts a concerning amount. Welllll on video games im notorious for catching the corner of a vehicle on the curb on purpose just to see if it would roll over or not and whether I could just muscle the car over it The school bus is all-wheel drive and the Jeep can get over it and even get on it just fine at the stunt park. If I could drive a box truck that would be my favorite vehicle go to for rolling over those corners and tricking people into thinking my truck would roll over when it only helps me turn sharper at 30 mph and avoid those police officer cars chasing after me lol. The bus at the back end is way too easy to clip and a box truck would be a sweet balance between that because the kastell(The big cargo van next to the Jeep is only made for cruising down freeways). A box truck would be fun to pull tricks like that with. I want to see more (not vip but common) box trucks and stuff so i can mess around with physics to the best of my ability on the game. I like messing with how i hit a rock and stuff at a certain angle etc and how i can roll over it on some vehicles. Yes im weird and i like testing the suspension and traction/ power the wheels have.

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