I broke my nose

That hurt a lot.



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hope you get better

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you would never say that to me

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i broke a bone once and it HURTS bro it like hurts like hell so please survive the pain

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Im okay I broke my nose because when I sneezed I headbutted the counter.

I am more embarrassed than anything. I broke my nose in the dumbest way possible.

Not as bad as the time I deafened myself temporarily when I forgot ear protection when shooting my shotgun.

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man i once hit the side of the table with my hip and i got a big ass bruise there



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I trip and fell on my fan, I had a big cut on my forehead and an imprint of the fan on my forehead…….this happened on thanksgiving……

hell nah bruh, that sounds awful, you ok?

Yea I’m ok, I didn’t have a great day on thanksgiving either. My dog rammed into me as I was holding the turkey…….at least the house I was going to had turkey of there own

What dog breed you have?

btw on Thanksgiving im pretty sure i was on vacation, and i was at the beach