How to Use the "Wheel Aim Tank"? Or the pocket EXONIPHIC MK1

Hello again! Today we are gonna explain how to use the M2A4 Abrams Mod. S1. Or “Wheels Aim tank”.

First, some characteristics.
Speed: 59 km/h, as usual as the other tanks.
Parts: 261, good.
Value with the last token: 4.2B
If you don’t have VIP, You need 90B, so that’s pretty bore.
Gun: one shot vehicles, very good penetration.
Armor: In real life, It hase active armor everywhere. Well, It’s somehow realised in CC2, but instead some lists of another armor, there is just a space and the armor on this tank is more armored, so the Trelet, crusader, WDZ, Panzer almos can’t hurt you and you, by the 120mm gun, can easily destroy them.
In Derby, VERY GOOD for melee and shoot.
The main difference Is WHEEL AIM, I don’t know, maybe I am lucky or it’s a really feature, it has an AIM!
AIM + 120mm gun of death + Undestructable armor (almost) = Wounderwaffle that can destroy anything, just like Exoniphic MK1. + off-road.

That’s all about this wounderwaffle for 510B. Have a nice game! Goodbye!


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