How to get this thing?

Like this thing for example Wolftallemo has Professional Idiot under his name, how to get this feature?


i dunno

and how does @RedNaz has leader by his name

wait actually?

ya check his user or when he had repiled to comments

i checked out his channel it is really small, 4 subs is what i saw

ik but how!?

no one knows? or maybe he knows

I actually don’t know how I got leader.

lets ask that dude

or not


wait a sec

but when you got veteran badge? maybe its because of it

i think some moder gived it to u

wait did u get a messge that u ranked leader

maybe panwellz knows

no lets ask chicken

Yes, I did. I think you have to be a regular before you are chosen to be a leader.

wait is chicken gonna even answer us