How good is my f2p avatar?


Screenshot 2022-06-03 7.34.59 PM


Full Metal Tophat - 800 bobux /TARGET2018 (promo codes)
Valkery of the Metaverse - Free from Metaverse event
Battle chain - Free from RB battle 2020 guessing the winner
Russo sword of truth - Free from RB battle build a boat for treasure 2020
DJ sword of agility - Free from RB battle RoBeat 2020
Sabrina sword of healing - Free from RB battle Piggy 2020
Tony AR glasses - Free from Metaverse event

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If you got it from a gift card isnt it not f2p?

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its a roblox promocode back in 2018

it was something like TARGET2018

oh yea, the first thing that came up ROBLOX PROMO CODES!! (2020) -WORKING PROMO CODE THE TEAL TECHNO RABBIT HEADPHONES - YouTube

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Kind of, sort of cringy

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not bad for a $0 budget


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