Hi there

Hello, it is me again Heelo. I am back from my long break and I decided to check up on this, and I see that there have been some changes to the site, and I think that they are just ok.

Anyways, the game seems more fun than before but, I just see that there should be something bigger and better, like new floors, expansion, or maybe a whole new island, or area on the map. The map just feels like it needs an expansion. The improvements on the map are fun and nice but like I hoped for something more. I love the cars, they look so cool and it’s fun messing around with them. Also though, a few questions: How many cars are we going add to this game and is there going to be a 3rd installment of Car Crushers? When are there going to be certain things that get added to the cars, and features? Such features as having rockets on some of the backs of vehicles that have them or the fire truck being able to spray water and stuff like that.

All I’m saying is that the game is awesome and it’s come a long way since I first joined but I just feel like we need a big update. Have a nice night or day!


CC3 is not going to happen (not in the near future anyways), but map expansions are planned

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ok good to know :).