Hey developer team

Because diesel engines aren’t on the same RPM spectrum that normal gas engines are. You might want to make a few modifications to the gear system for the power of diesel engines. They need more gears and they have lower RPMs than gas engines. They just can’t handle 6,000 RPM for some of those engines and that’s very very high up on the RPMs for them whereas a gasoline engine doesn’t really go that high unless they’re being floored but other than that a diesel engine cannot handle those RPMs without immediately damaging the engine. So they would need a few more gears possibly and some of those vehicles also need to be switched to rear wheel drive. Hopefully I can see a few vehicles get that change that they need in the future. If you’re really trying to design what looks like in a realistic vehicle but immediately doesn’t perform like it then people are going to be turned away by that especially very very mindful car lovers. Hell i can tell you if you did the Chrysler Town and country touring van from 2010 correctly or not based on just driving that around if it was in the game. A diesel engine would actually run on the lower RPM up to around 5 at max and the red line range would probably be more… noticable…

Reading out the above and making my conclusion right here. Make the RPM scales a little more realistic and make some changes to the drive train …🥲