Guess how much survived and died #8

There’s been an accident in East Coast USA, how many survived and died?

There is 3 people in the SUV.
There is 2 people in the jeep
There is 1 person in the CEVA truck
There is 1 person in the red truck


The Jeep’s two passengers are either severely injured or dead.
The SUV’s front passenger and driver are both either severely injured or dead as well, the other passengers are safe.
The person in the CEVA truck could survive but with severe burns, but the person could succumb to his injuries.
The person in red truck is probably in shock and has a mild concussion.


SUV: driver injured, but alive
passenger either dead or dying or suffered ungodly amounts of injury
jeep, driver heavily injured passenger likewise due to small space in a jeep leading to body bouncing off of things breaking bones
CEVA truck driver needs to get out asap but he may already be dead
other truck guy bruises cuts, concussion

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All dead, they died before they got there because they can’t be seen in the vehicles

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but that one passenger mod isnt working except the crash hard passenger mod which is working but doesnt have passengers except the driver

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