Functional Crane Truck that's not overpowered

Crane Truck
I know it’s hard to add the ability to move the arm of the crane truck but I’m just asking if there’s any room for maybe adding it in the future.

Maybe make it so the feet that are already on the crane truck move out and anchor the truck to the ground, so the parts of the crane truck that are not the crane itself are anchored parts so you can’t drive while operating it. (which is pretty realistic for a crane that size). Maybe also like the police and fire vehicles that it has a signalling light when it’s anchoring itself into the ground.

When the truck is anchored its way easier to make the parts move so I’d think that would be a good idea, but I haven’t really scripted a lot before, so I wouldn’t know.

*Derby adaption
Maybe make it like a special ability/power-up so you can’t use it in derby.

Suggestion Info
I know It has been suggested in the form of being able to pick up cars, but that would be a bit game-breaking. and annoying for other players, so instead of picking stuff up just make it cosmetic.

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This is a really good suggestion. I would love this added to the game.


good good


I’d love to be able picking up cars, that’s why extreme PVP was added! Why not make it so only when both players have extreme PVP on then the crane can pick up the car?


That would also be an option but really hard to implement.

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I bet if they could make the Mountain Annihilator’s spinner really spin, and make tanks be able to shoot, I bet this is doable

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It would be a new and different thing really, it’d be more than joints and scripting gun fire.

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