French Translations Problems for the Settings GUI

I noticed (as I’m french) that new translations have been added recently, well some are not really “exact”, I mean it could be better and more understandable.

I saw that in the settings GUI, here are some:

For the Hide hats, invincibility and music buttons, the translation isn’t really nice from my opinion.
We have -ARRÊT and SUR. First, I don’t think this - is supposed to be here. For the word SUR, the ^ is missing. But the problem is that sur is totally not the right word, here are some words we could put:
If active:
-Oui/non (yes/no)
-Activée/Désactivée (Activated/Deactivated) only for the music button and the invincibility and music buttons
-Activé/Désactivé (Activated/Deactivated) only for the hide hats button

Now for the titles button:
We can see Montre-moi, which means show me, that’s not really a problem but in french it sounds very weird… We can put Montrer.

Another possible translation:
The translation in french could be Titre Secondaire

And yes, there are more:
Fort the Core Access translation: Accès de base is totally not correct, it does mean Basic access or something like that. We could put Accès au réacteur, or Accès au Noyau.

Derby Maître is wrong, words are in the wrong order, we could put Maître du Derby

Here is a possible translation for the Derby Legend title, we could put Légende du Derby

Rang ? Not correct, even if I don’t personally know what translation we can do with Row.
Maybe Allée, or Porte (Gate), or Sortie (exit), or Couloir, I don’t have any idea, but I’m sure that Rang isn’t correct, so we can replace it by Row at least.

Engrenages ?? Ok now I’m lost, all I can say is that isn’t correct. We could replace it by Gears (as original), or Armes (weapons). I don’t really know what to do with this one but we can’t understand what it does mean.

So I think that’s all for now, and that’s only for the Settings GUI, I noticed other incorrect translations on others GUI, I’ll write another topic soon for the others one.
Zocrha, a French guy.


Thanks for letting me know, please let me know if you find anything else!