Ford Ghia Vivace

A car which is undrivable at the time now can be driven.

Long before the aluminum F-150 and carbon-fiber GT, Ford tiptoed into the water of lightweight construction. In partnership with Ghia, the company built a one-off concept car that focused on advanced aluminum space-frame construction. It was a weird, forward-looking, not-for-public consumption concept called the Vivace. And now you can own it.

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In the interest of upfront communication, I should note here that the conceit of “You Must Buy” doesn’t quite jive with this recommendation. After all, if this column is meant to provide alternatives to boring commuter sedans, offering up obscure concepts without any usable features isn’t exactly productive. Yet I can’t ignore something this off-the-wall coming up for sale.

When I say it has no usable features, that’s not really hyperbole. Forget working radios and regulation-compliant lights; the Vivace has no seats, no dashboard, no real interior. Even if it did, the interior wouldn’t be accessible through the non-functioning doors and you wouldn’t be able to drive, what with the total lack of a powertrain. It’s not a bad daily—it’s truly unusable, in the most literal sense. Still, it’s compelling. A Nineties vision of the future, bright-colored optimism and all.

Buy it as your daily, kick some holes through the floorboards, and use it as your personal foot-powered Flintstones car.
(source: Road & Track)

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