Flashing images

Should we introduce a ban or restriction on bright or flashy images? For example we have emotes that are flashy and it might trigger seizures. So I feel there should be more done to help protect these people who are sensitive to flashy stuff.Also it hurts people’s eyes too.


The car crushers game has flashy images itself and flashy images don’t hurt everyone’s eyes. However, there is generally not a need for flashy images and many people could have seizures from them. Changing this on our discord server probably won’t make a big impact on whether or not this happens tho as many people are in multiple discord servers, almost none of which likely have a ban of bright/flashy images. I think that this should be a change that discord itself might have to implement by having a switch to toggle flashy images, videos, and emotes and find out whether or not a vid/image has this using AI. Banning flashy images might make it harder for people to share important or funny videos, but it is generally less important than people’s health. I myself am indecisive on whether or not this should be implemented, but I think a better idea would be just to have mandatory spoilers on all these images and vids and have seizure warnings above them.


I like using flashy emotes at times when listening to great music so I disagree with getting rid of these

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