Ferrari 166 MM

NAME: Ferrari 166 MM


0-60: unknown
top speed: 220 kmh (137 mph)
weight: 650kg (dry, spider)
engine: 2L colombo v12
transmission: 5-speed manual
wheelbase: 2200 mm
cost: approx. 40 million
cost = price

derby: intermediate
tier: 1
access: all
defense: 65
attack: 99


Where’s the other half of the image?

wait wtf is my wifi dying

It ain’t you, it’s the image
Half of it is grey

i think its because he uploaded too quickly

so while it was loading he posted

i think thats the problem

I mean if you click on the image to open it to full screen it shows the full image

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is it good

its a nice car

the new first ferrari in cc2

Wdym first new

the oldest???

it;'s a very old one, not the oldest