Error with textures or terrain models

Can I find an error among the known errors in Trello Trello " if so, pick it up there instead!"

What is this error?

  • This is an error with textures or terrain models.*

How often does the error occur? ((Every time / sometimes / rarely)
Every time

What steps should you take to make this happen? List them in great detail:

  1. is to find the mountain in the picture at the bottom
  2. approach the rock
  3. and you will see that you take off

** Is the error related to the GUI or something that only happens for you?** * (GUI = dealership, Derby win screen, or any other interface)*

If so, take a screenshot of all the unique red and yellow text in the developer console and post it here. * (Open the console by opening roblox Settings, scroll down and click open developer console.)*

** Mr_FocusPlay123**