Equip car models

Now, there are cars out there that look similar to the cars that they originate from but are different in performance.

Now what I have for this is that with this new upgrading update, you can buy different car models to a car. I am gonna use the Stingray as an example:

There is the Corvette Stingray and the Corvette Stingray ZR1, they look pretty similar but they are different in performance, the ZR1 is basically another model of the original Stingray.
With a costly price, you can go into a tab saying, “models” and then there would be a selection of models for that car, you could then buy the ZR1 model for a lot of parts and credits.

A way this would work is that it’s like selecting a car from the main selection but instead, it will still show previews but instead of a bar alining the top of the screen it it would be rows of car models that you scroll up and down from to the right or left of the screen. You can also upgrade and maybe customize each individual model.

Now I am of course not saying that the Corvette will only have the models, there are many cars in the game that would, in real life, have different models that each have different performances.

I know Panwells has just finished getting the customization features and performance update worked out. I am just saying that if this sounds good, you can keep it in mind.




i don’t think that’s how it would work


Nice idea but the koenigseggs to


This is most likely not being added because of how long it would take to do. Every single car would need to be added to every single car.


I know I am oh-so late to responding but- we need more cars in the game, even if it’s basically the same car but different stats and slight appearance difference, though sometimes the small details are nice. Maybe even get the same car modeler of the car to just get their car model and change the looks around a bit while Panwellz changes the stats. It could more or less just be something a completionist would do.
Plus, there needs to be a compromise to car suggestions that are follow ups of a car already in the game but cat be different in looks, wether it’s slightly or major, and of course the performance.

Though it may make it feel like there’s less acts in the game, there could be a way to merge some cars, like putting the Koenigsegg One:1 in the model section in the Agera, because the Koenigsegg is a descendent of the Koenigsegg Agera.

Yes, this could take basically forever and may take a lot of effort, but, I personally feel like it’s needed, of course everyone’s opinion is different.

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I much prefer to use an aston martin vulcan or koenisegg than this exo speeder

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