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ik im not leader but id like to make a game like counting to 2022 before 2022 or backwards counting so i made this stupid game.
rules are not simple, its bassicaly like would rather but the choices are from cc2. Also this one is a lot shorter

Imagine that you enter cc2 and a quiz comes up which asks you (imagine that all the gamepasses are free)

  1. Would you rather:
    Have Premium Crushers
    Have Core Access

  2. Would you rather:
    Have Freeze Ray
    Have Flamethrower

  3. Would you rather:
    Have the Neon material
    Have Crowbar

  4. Would you rather:
    Have the Gold material
    Have the Booster (thats what its called right?)

  5. Would you rather:
    Have Rocket Launcher
    Have Platinum material

I’m bored and im waiting for school so i made those questions.
Thanks for participating!


i have all already :megaxd:


If Option 1 was A and Option 2 was B, then

  1. A
  2. Don’t care
  3. B
  4. B
  5. Don’t really care, but I’d go with A

i would rather have guam


Option 2, I’d rather have freeze ray

  1. Premium Crushers

  2. Flamethrower

  3. Crowbar

  4. Booster (I already have something better than gold XD)

  5. Rocket Launcher (I already have Platium which was what I was talking about in 4)

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Premium, flame, neon, rocket launcher

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ye I realized that Would you rather? existed right after I posted this

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you don’t have to be a leader to make games like this

ik but this sounds like a copy

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  1. Core Access (I have Premium Crushers alr)

  2. Freeze Ray because same reason as #1 except with the Flame Thrower

  3. None because I have both

  4. Gold because same reason as #2 but with Crowbar

  5. Rocket Launcher because same reason as #4 but with Platinum

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