i hate most mobile users, especially in scp 3008
your playing the april fools version of scp 3008 with your friends
you see a king
you hide in a bunch of closets with your friends
then you see a mobile user coming to you and your friends
he then picks up the closet and just runs away
then you get slapped by the king across the map and die from fall damage
even worse, i told a mobile user how to get in my base but he doesnt communicate, and probably didnt listen, then tore the house down and tried to steal my supplies

i would like a silenced sniper


mobile users are always kids bc they don’t have a computer


ok so apparently a random 20 year old dude will become 8 because their using something they paid for? And for not using something they dont have or for some reason cant have? wow

like bruh we get hate in jailbreak because in mobile it allows us to just tap a button to arrest someone. but someone like me who doesn’t want an xbox and doesnt have a pc has to tap and then they get called tapper for being forced to tap arrest

also bruh xbox players can be extremely annoying in cc2, their literally those people that target you non stop and xbox players cant chat or even see chat so thats worse

plus theres other people who play on pc who just straight harass mobile players especially the ones who cant get a pc


Tapping is a good idea for mobile, it’s so damn hard to drive a car and a lot of other stuff that it’s very balanced