Does anybody that currently plays cc2 ever "beat" cc1?

a video on CC1 by danTDM a long time ago got me interested in the games, and I have been a fan ever since. I finished cc1 (I got the top model available), and I’m wondering if anybody else has too. too bad cc1 is dead now, it was the OG and deserves a little more love.

i think @STREnergy has beat cc1
i have played a bit but its so broken

I have beaten it (got to 2B) but haven’t reached max parts yet

I started with cc2, it was free when i started. I have played cc1 before but yes it is very broken. I think I have unlocked 4-5 cars

I THINK I played cc1 before cc2, but I only unlocked the midnight morocco after I joined cc2 in 2018